Today I don’t feel like doing anything. 2/10

Am I at 2? I’ve been feeling low energy all week, and have had some irritable moments and bad thoughts, but nothing extreme. Feels like a 2.

I have a lot of things I want to get done, but it takes me so long in the morning to get up and around that by the time I’m motivated (like right now, 11:38am) it’s time for me to go to work (12:30pm-5:30pm). Yea, I’m working part time and this week I am not taking advantage of that and I’m annoyed at myself and I’m annoyed that I’m annoyed and then I come home and lay on the couch and watch TV because I’m tired and my uterus is attacking me.

*Everything will get done*

That is my mantra. It’s half working.

Also, I’ve been doing my meditation more which is nice, and it’s reminding me to stay in the moment, because THIS moment is the moment, but I still find myself wishing it would be over because it’s painful. That sucks. I wish I wasn’t in so much physical pain all the time, I didn’t realize how much it was until living with Zach who never gets sick or headachey or anything. I get shoulder aches and headaches a lot.

This post isn’t anything prolific. I’m crampy and annoyed and just want to stay in bed not go to work for 5 hours. Meh.

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