Feeling better today. 0/10

I didn’t wake up HAPPY, in fact, I wanted to stay in bed and grumped at Zach as he pulled the covers off so we could go to the gym. It was a cardio day, basically an easy elliptical day, more to get me up and out of the house than for hardcore exercise.

But… it worked. And I got home and worked on my writing right away! So I feel good about that. The worst part about working in the afternoons is when I get ripped away without finishing my basic tasks (work on my manuscript, write this blog, meditate) and today I got that all done! Woo hoo!

If I worked in the mornings, I’d be tired and most likely would head right to the couch when I got home. I’m hoping I can get this routine going and get some writing done each morning.

So, if I’m worried that I’m too hard on myself for days that I have a bad morning, is it bad to congratulate myself today? Or to feel this good? I wonder if that is reinforcing the idea in my head that work done=good work not done=bad. Or should I take this morning as a reminder that I *can* get work done, and not every day has to be like this, so be nicer to myself on those other days. I think that’s a good lesson. If I can remember it next time it happens! Meh.

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