Sharing my website. 0/10

I’ve told plenty of people about this website. I’ve even given the link to a few… for the first post, and I’m sure none have been keeping up with it.

I’m scared to be judged for what I have to say. I’m scared I don’t have enough to say. I’m scared that no one will care. So I just don’t share it.

It’s a silly thing really. Who am I writing this for? Me? I’ve already gotten down on myself for not writing every day because I’ve been busy… but… who cares? No one is reading anyway. No one but me is holding myself accountable, so does it matter right now? Probably not. I should just share it. But it feels like I need some fanfare, and some explanation before I just open up all these feelings to the world. And worse, what if I fanfare it and NO ONE READS?


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