Enjoying a day like today! 0/10

There’s a difference between being a happy 0 and a “meh” 0 and TODAY IS A HAPPY ONE. Sometimes the day is just… freaking good.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping well. Maybe I’m halfway through my cycle lol HORMONES AM I RIGHT. Maybe it’s because my boss told me I only needed to come in for a half day today. Maybe it’s because I figured out a new routine that’s working way better for me… or all of it! I feel great!

I’m learning how to appreciate this day. Just laying on the floor of our living room, which I love to do, and petting ChiChiChi1. Enjoying that I have extra space to wrap up loose ends. Trying to remind myself that someday, when I’m feeling behind, I need to remember that I have moments like these. Moments to catch up. Moments that are JUST GREAT.

I’ve been adjusting to my new schedule and trying to figure out how to get everything done, in a way that doesn’t put too much pressure on myself.

I used to workout with Zach or Amber in the morning, but what I’m finding is that I love to lay in bed in the morning. Which isn’t always a bad thing, if I sit up and get some shit done. I’ve put a website blocker on my computer and an ad blocker on my phone, so I can’t just scroll through social media. So, instead of jumping out of bed in the morning, I lounge. But I’ve learned that if I sit my computer near the bed, I will spend the first couple hours of the morning writing and answering emails and doing chores, which is awesome! Then I workout around 9/9:30, and by that time I am awake and excited and ready to go, and get a great workout in.

It feels good. I’ve also been following my new rule which is NO CHORES AFTER WORK. I have so much more down time! It’s awesome! Tonight, I’m going to have a glass of wine and hang out with *myself* and brainstorm ideas and hopefully do some writing.

Remember this day self, this day does exist! 😀

  1. Our cat.

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