Getting Enough Sleep 0/10

I’ve been thinking about sleep a lot lately. It’s gotten to the point where writing it is weird because I’ve seen the word so much.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Last week, I was at my writing retreat in the mountains, which was amazing, but exhausting. This weekend was my birthday, and Labor Day, so we were doing a lot and having a lot of fun. It’s worn me down and got me thinking about sleep.

Since I started working part time, I’ve been able to not have an alarm. It is WONDERFUL to wake up naturally. I find that I usually go to bed between 10-10:30 and wake up between 7-7:30, although depending on the night it can sometimes be earlier or later. On average, I get NINE HOURS OF SLEEP. Which seems crazy.

I mentioned it to someone at the retreat, and she said I might have a sleep disorder… I looked up the symptoms, and it doesn’t seem likely. I feel great after 9 hours of sleep, it just is a lot. I have consistently been remembering my dreams in the morning, and I have a fairly routine bedtime. Is it too much? I don’t think so… it’s in the “high” end of the range, but 7-9 hours is normal for most adults.

I used to time my sleep so I could get up after exactly 7 hours, which should technically be enough, and I was able to get out of bed and go have a good day, but I didn’t realize how much more tired I was until I started not having an alarm. And getting enough sleep is pretty important for dealing with the day, especially with depression. But also, too much sleep is a sign of depression… and when I’m having an episode you can bet that I naturally am able to sleep 14-15 hours. It’s crazy.

IDK I feel great today. I protect my sleep schedule really ferociously, including turning off electronics an hour before bed, meditating, having dark curtains and an eye mask, no phone in the bedroom, and earplugs. Our AC is set to get cold an hour before bed and warm up an hour before waking… I’ve done literally everything I can think of to get the right amount of sleep.

Maybe you need more sleep! Or better sleep. The hardest thing is turning off the phone/laptop/TV but I would say that was hands down the biggest factor in me sleeping better 🙂 Quality Time is a great app you can get on a droid, that you can set times to block all the functions on your phone! That helped me a lot.

2 thoughts on “Getting Enough Sleep 0/10

  1. I was wondering why you didn’t upload your posts until they were a month old. Amazingly, I had bookmarked your “Page 2,” so now I’ve fixed it, and I’m up to date.

    9 hours is not too much sleep. We live in a culture that fetishizes sleep deprivation, don’t fall for it. Do you use Twilight and F.lux? Even before your no-screen hour, you can dim and orange your screen (the site explains) to better mimic real light patterns.

    1. I’m trying to do daily updates if I can, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep up!

      I consistently get 9 hours, usually not more or less, and there are all these studies that say 7 is optimal and such but that 9 is “normal” and I feel better when I get 9… There is SO much out there making you seem cooler if you don’t sleep at all, which I think is ridiculous. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” – yeah, which will be much sooner because sleep deprived people don’t live as long 😐

      I DO have Twilight! Gives me the orange screen at night!

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