Is Being a “Loser” Cool? 0/10

Weird post title, sometimes I don’t know how to capture what I’m thinking about. You get it though.

I’m feeling good, which is good. Having a chill night, writing, drawing, thinking, and such.

Took a little break… and scrolled through my Facebook1 and something caught my eye. Something, I’m sure most of us would recognize… one of those “relate-able” web comics about how fucked up we all are.

From the “Student Problems” Facebook Page

I see so many of these nowadays. You know the ones I’m talking about. Witty and snippy little drawings and phrases that have become popular on social media, making fun of that fact that we are all… fucked up.

So that’s what I’m thinking about tonight.

On one hand, these comics get people talking. They get people to admit that, yeah, maybe I do drink too much on the weekends because I’m lonely, or I spend too much time on my phone, etc. etc. People love these comics, and I do too! My Instagram is full of accounts like these, for their funny little takes on every day annoyances and failures.2

But in a weird way, they romanticize the idea of being a “loser,” for lack of a better word. I wonder if, because we are starting to see that other people lay on their couch for 7 hours on Saturday night, it’s becoming… normal.

Is this reading too much into it? Probably. Is it too preachy? Definitely. Are you still reading? If yes, I’ll keep going.

I’m just saying that… we are laughing at posts that normalize things like binge… drinking, Netflixing, and eating… but, is that a GOOD thing? I always love a fun take on the struggles of being human, but as a regular consumer of popular culture, I can’t help but notice more and more memes and tweets and comics are doing this.

These posts get traction because so many of us recognize the feelings they portray. But for some reason, I only know some of the struggles of people, and usually only close friends and maybe family. Why? Because we hit “like” and go right back to what we were doing, scrolling or watching, or both… or drinking. And while I love social media like everyone else… I run a BLOG for goodness sake… I just wish I could connect better with people, more than through silly commentary on how lonely and isolating life can be.

I guess what I want to say is, the anguish and existential issues caused by living in current society should be discussed on a much deeper level than laughing at the fact that we are all doing the same thing – barely getting by – together. This is kind of a response to the last post I wrote… Because, we all pretend we’re in a “vodka commercial” without being real. And that is causing many people to get a complex, thinking they don’t live up to everyone else. Then, we make art and joke about that feeling, without actually talking about it. Like, oh yea, we all relate to the feeling of emptiness, haha, cool.

I don’t want to POOP on the party, like I said, I was SCROLLING THROUGH FACEBOOK when I saw the picture… I’m a normal human like you and I recognize the pull of the machine, the excitement over likes, and the enjoyment of the connections you can make through technology. I just hope that we’re not letting things soak into our subconscious on accident, without pulling back and talking to each other.

Because LIFE IS A BITCH. I cried tonight because I was petting my cat, and I know she’s going to die someday. Isn’t that FUCKED UP?!?!?! That life does that to us? And that… that’s what I think about?!?! Put those thoughts into a snippy comic, and after you do, can you call me? Cause I clearly have many more thoughts on the subject.

  1. To feed my addiction.
  2. Full disclosure, I have an Instagram account, but took the app off my phone and haven’t looked at it in awhile.

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