Get Shit Done Now 0/10

So, I’m still feeling good. And, that shouldn’t be a surprise based on the monthly calendar I keep to track myself. My moods go up and down in a cycle, and this is the perfect week for feeling real fucking great.


I’m trying to take full advantage of the energy I have right now, and reminding myself that it won’t always last… and that when I’m feeling down I need to tell myself I had this day.

For writing a post, editing stories, brainstorming, exercising, dress fitting, critique group, and all the nonsense filling daily life. Especially for eating as well as I can, as it’s so much easier when I have the energy to cook and take care of myself. So in a couple weeks when I can’t help but eat cereal and milk instead of eggs and veggies, I’m not SO HARD ON MYSELF.

Maybe I should set a reminder for myself to come back and read these articles in a few weeks… that might be interesting.

Okay, I’m gonna do it. And here’s my message to me:

You went hard when you could. Now, it’s okay to sleep in and to rest. It’s okay to Reddit… do your best to read a book instead maybe but IT’S OKAY. Because you took advantage of the good feelings and now if you need to watch 4 episodes of the office, let that be okay. Okay?


2 thoughts on “Get Shit Done Now 0/10

  1. Sweet! So much energy is wasted on self-loathing.
    As for me, there is a newly empty room in my apartment as of a few days ago.
    I put all the extra junk from my room into it.
    Now my room is nice and tidy, and it makes me happy.

    1. It’s amazing how much energy is tied up in our possessions! I’m more for getting rid of stuff, being as minimal as possible, while still being practical. I am pretty type A and love cleaning so the less stuff/room I have the less stuff I have to clean and take care of. Self-loathing is something that comes hand in hand with depression I would say, but it’s something you can work on recognizing and stopping!

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