Waiting for Myself 4/10

The weekend was amazing.

But, it’s over, and I’m feeling poopy. Is that surprising? No. All my friends were there and now they’re gone… Also, I drank wine. All that makes for a Tuesday evening Laura that does not feel good.

Honestly though, it’s hard to go back to work after you’ve been surrounded by all the people you love, especially the ones you see once or twice a year. I’m just there, working, like… is this really it? Life seems so lame!

I know I’d probably be bored if I “partied” all the time, but… who knows. It seems sad the way we live our lives, in general. Working all day at jobs most of us don’t love. I don’t even mind my job, usually I like it, and it gets me out of the house, but I do that so much more than spend time with my friends and family it seems.

I wish I could just live at the beach with everyone I love in a big mansion. As everyone knows, that’s a crazy dream, which makes me sad.

I know this is just my poopy depression sinking my brain down, and I think I’m doing a better job of handling it. I got groceries today. I’ve managed to get through the day without being too much of a downer. I went to work. I wrote a post today. Just waiting for the person who posted last week to come back… that’s the life of a depressed person.

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