Mentally Good, Physically Dead 0/10

I feel a lot better today.

I actually was surprised at how well Monday and Tuesday went for me, and for Zach. We got through it as a team, and I was able to step back and look and see that I was depressed, without it taking over. It was awesome.

Now, I am super sore from a new workout and it’s giving me a headache and I’m laying on my heating pad and I just want to go to sleep but I have to go to work and clean the store and that sounds truly awful. Also, I need to eat lunch right now. But we have like no food left and our meal delivery service did NOT come through this week which stinks.

I want to write something prolific about how I’m feeling better and about therapy today but I just don’t have the energy. Sometimes I don’t post because I just don’t think I have anything good to say. But I’d rather post daily shit than nothing at all. Even if it’s just a peek into my daily life. Social media has created such a bubble that makes you think everyone around you is living superawesomefun lives, and at least if I post today you know that I truly feel like crap. And if you saw me out on the street I would probably smile and be nice, but know this. I feel. Like. Shit. And I want to go back to bed. Life is not all froofroo rainbows no matter what my Snapchat says!

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