Feeling Productive 0/10

I had a pretty great day yesterday, besides the fact that I felt icky most of the morning. I got through so much on my to-do list, which was awesome because hopefully I can have some fun for the rest of the week!

We have no plans this weekend, which is great. The summer was pretty packed for us, so Zach and I are enjoying having days with nowhere to go and nothing to do. I think he played video games all day last Saturday. We both know we need to enjoy this down time because it’s about to be a real crazy-fest here soon!

The past couple of weeks were a little tough. Zach and I definitely not in sync. I don’t think couples talk about that often, maybe just close friends. But we were bickering a lot and just, not getting along. I am not sure what ended that period, but we both feel that it’s over and it feels good! Stuff is light and fun again. I’m sure that my relationship with Zach goes hand in hand with my depressive moods. When I’m not getting along with him, I’m much more likely to slip into a funk. So, right now, we’re good and I feel good. What came first the chicken or the egg? Who knows, I just know that I’m enjoying this period of happiness.

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