Productive Saturday 0/10

Such an original title. Much clickbait. Just GRABS YA!

So, as you can imagine, my Saturday has been pretty great so far. My mood has lasted through the night and we got shit DONE this morning. Including breakfast, groceries, gym, and cleaning the house.

The best part was when Zach and I started fighting at breakfast about whether or not an outdoor corn maze was “more likely” to have an indoor haunted house or not. Yes. That really got us going. But I was happy when we realized that we were both hungry, and it just went away. I’m getting better at letting things go, when something like that could have sent me into a tailspin a few years ago.

Since we don’t have anything going on these past few weekends, we’ve been able to get a little routine going, and I LOVE IT. I’m just so happy to have time to get things done. Even though I do like going out of town and having fun! But it’s nice to have time to breathe.

OKAYYYYY hope everyone is having a good weekend. Hope your brains are doing good like my brain is doing. Thanks drugs.

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