Slow Sunday 0/10

I am pooped.

Our friend came home last night after being away for four months, so we went out with him and my sister. It was a great time, and I’m glad to see that I can go out, have a few drinks, and not let it get too wild. Unlike Zach, I was able to turn down three shots of vodka yesterday ahaha. The only problem was I forgot my earplugs! It’s too loud in those dang bars. Our entire generation is gonna be deaf at 40.

Unless they wear earplugs. Like me. When I remember.

Chichi has a tiny cut on her paw, poor thing, and she’s been in a cone all weekend. That is stressing me out because she is SO miserable, poor baby. But if that’s my biggest problem this weekend, I guess we can handle it.

I’m still feeling pretty great, and that is awesome. We hung out with some friends for brunch this morning, the house is clean, and Zach and I have been relaxing all night. I feel good. Less than three weeks til the wedding, so we’ll see how this lasts!


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