Rage Update & F U Alcohol 0/10

Okay, we alllll should have known that I would be grumpy after a Saturday night with wine and not a lot of sleep. It’s too obvious. Too too obvious. But drinking is so fuCKING FUN and I didn’t even HAVE that much mehhhhhhhh okay well this is what happens. I should have slept more Sunday morning too. But screw you alcohol because you are mean and rude and make my brain grumpy but on Saturday night you are a real good time.

Okay, so I’m feeling better, and here’s an update on my post yesterday…

CHICHICHI IS BACK HOME YAY AND SHE’S GOOD YAYYYYYY! Okay, so that is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Thank.God.

My stomach felt better today, so I’m just going go back to what was working for me (eggs. caffeine. broccoli… french fries sometimes) and hopefully I go back to normal for the next month. The stuff that doesn’t hurt me probably is shooting my cholesterol through the roof, but honestly, I can’t think about that right now!!!! And I feel fine when I have high cholesterol. And I’m eating fairly well. And I’m lifting weights and getting cardio. So wtf body. Just be better.

WORK IS FUCKING NUTS. Still. And it probably will be. Good thing? That I’m making more money… that the days go by way faster… bad thing? It’s stressful and sweaty and my neck/shoulders hurt after and no matter how much work I finish my boss is still anxious and I’m like dude it’s going to be okay, I’m going to finish it all but everyone else is all nervous! I’m going to be working my DICK OFF right up until the wedding… meh. Not so into that.

Okay Zach and I have to go lift meow, it’s late and I missed it this morning cause I was so tired and stressed about Chichi. But I’m feeling muuuuuch better now. Hellsyea.

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