Sick 4/10

It’s 7:45am and I’m exhausted.

I cried so much last night, the combination of being tired and my stomach hurting was too much.

I’m trying to go see a specialist, but I’m stressed. This is not exactly the best time for me to make and go to the doctor. With the wedding right around the corner and my work slammed, life is busy. Plus, what if it’s something bad? It’s not like I can do any intense procedures right now 😐 and then I’m supposed to go on a honeymoon?

This is when I start cycling and it’s hard to stop. Overall, I’m able to perform most of my daily duties, but I’m fucking scared. And really frustrated. Constant pain is not something I want on my damn wedding day 😡

It’s been hard to take care of myself. I’m not eating well/much. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week which is crazy for me… I miss it, but I’m so so tired.


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