Look I Did a Priority 0/10

Yeah, that title makes sense. A lot of it.

I’m just bragging to myself that I am sitting down to write this blog in the morning before I do any chores! Because I’m working on those priorities!!!

Today, I got up, ate breakfast, went for my morning walk1 and I just came in and am writing this! Before I even put my warm clothes away! But after I cleaned up the cat puke Chichi left me as a gift2

I feel like I’ve disadvantaged myself and this blog by not writing in the “right” moments. Yesterday, I was definitely having some bad moments, and wish I would have grabbed the laptop and wrote through it. But I didn’t have the motivation! And I was grumbling in my bed, and my computer was out in the living room. The good thing is, since I’m paying closer attention to when/where I have bad moments, I am seeing how quickly I get through them, and the ways that I do so.

Yesterday, Zach and I were bickering about cleaning, so when he left to go play games, I angry cleaned. LOL. The good thing is that cleaning always calms me down, there’s something ritualistic and relaxing about cleaning my house. The biggest thing for me to get out of a funk, when it’s only a 1/2/3… is to just get up and do SOMETHING. Anything. If I start small, usually the momentum will keep me going. So if I tell myself I’m just going to pick up the bedroom, that gets me out of bed and up, and once I do that I am ready to go do more cleaning. And if I get in the groove of picking up the house, once the 30-60 minutes has passed, usually I’m in a much better mood. Is that weird? Maybe. I know that I am a “neat freak,” but of all the flaws I have this is one of the tamest. I’m getting better at dealing with a mess, but what can I say, when the house is sparkling SO AM I.3

Okay, speaking of which, I’m going to go unload my dishwasher and hopefully ride this high all day and not have a bad day or bad moments today! Because I’m feeling good!

  1. I kinda sound like a Grandma, huh?
  2. I’d rather have a book, but thanks anyway cat.
  3. That was cheesy. I know.

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