Back in the Gym

WOoooo I’m on a roll, second day in a row posting. Of course, it’s not hard when I feel good… and historically, this time of the month is when I start to feel real good and productive and great and awesome.

So far, my balance is going well. I sleep in until I wake up naturally, which is a big deal for me, usually around 8 hours… then I let myself wake up slowly, not hopping out of bed like crazy. Usually I’ll pet Chichi because she jumps up for snuggles as soon as she hears you’re awake. Then, I go do EXERCISE. Today I got out the door a little late, because Zach has a big week at work so I was helping him with breakfast and stuff 🙂 total housewife over here.

The gym is always daunting after you’ve been away, even if you have been lifting weights for years, which I have. I am always afraid of hurting myself, and because I get migraines I take things really slow so I don’t overexert my shoulders and trigger one. So, after being gone for a month, I’m back down to my “easy” weights and working my way up again.

Of course, when I was on the bench press, some guy was super offensive… I had just gotten done doing 65lbs, which is the max I can do without a spot. It’s not much, but then again, I weigh 130lbs. I get off the bench and he says good morning 😐 which I always respond to because I’m a friendly person, and then he told me that it was “okay” for me to just bench that light weight, because he didn’t like it when girls were “too buff.”

😐 😐 😐

I’m sure this dude was just trying to be friendly and nice and whatever, and I didn’t say anything back to him to set him straight, but after I walked away I got more and more annoyed. Excuse me sir? First off, this is my first workout back in a month and I have no spotter, so I’m doing a weight I know I won’t struggle on. Please don’t patronize me for not lifting hundreds of pounds. Second off, fuck you for telling me that I don’t need to be stronger and that YOU DON’T LIKE BUFF WOMEN I don’t give a FUCK what you like OMG. Third off, you are HUGE so please stop judging others on their bodies.

Ugh. It was pretty gross.

For future reference, don’t come up to me at the gym and tell me that you like my body because it’s not too buff. That’s offensive to me because I want to be buff and it’s creepy and gross and you are gross.

Okay. I’m gonna shake it off now. I have about 40 minutes before I have to get ready for work and… I’M STARTING ON A NEW BOOK TODAY! FINALLY! Woohoo! It’s been marinating for awhile now and it’s time for me to start putting the ideas down 😀 Yay!

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