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If you didn’t read what the numbers in the post title mean, it might be really confusing since 0/10 is usually not a good thing. LOL. It’s pretty rudimentary, maybe someday this blog will be really cool and I can put… like… a rainbow or a splat next to the post title, like the ones in the header. That would be cool.

Third day in a row where I’m feeling pretty great. I haven’t had any episodes or any bickering even with Zach! Life feels pretty harmonic right now and I know I need to RIDE THIS DAMN WAVE before it crashes. As a depressed person I have this idea in my head that people without mental health illness feel this was 99% of the time and THAT MUST BE FUCKIN’ AWESOME. But who knows really. Zach seems to be happy 99% of the time and I friggin’ hate him for that. But, you could also argue, he doesn’t really express his anger/sadness as well as I do.

That was me trying to find the bright side. Did it work?

So, while I’m feeling good I’m trying to get back into a routine. So far, it’s working. Let’s not think about the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and we are going home for two weeks and that’s basically murder to a routine.

Goal: Don’t lose routine completely over Christmas vacation. Post daily even if it’s a damn sentence.

In order to pacify my brain, which wants to do a million things at once, I’ve decided to have a weekly schedule. This is the first week I’m officially following it, and I think it might help me work on multiple projects at once without getting confused or bored.

Monday is an easy day, because I always struggle to get motivated at the beginning of the week. Monday would be time to clean the house and do chores off my to-do list, which is what I naturally procrastinate with, instead of doing something creative.

Tuesday is work on books day. Yesterday, I started writing my third book! Woo hoo! Tuesday is supposedly the day you are most energized to do shit like that, and I need a lot of energy because writing books is the long haul.

Wednesday is blog day. That’s where I work on this blog, not just posting, but reading other mental health blogs and commenting, and promoting this, and basically trying to start the conversation I want to start instead of feeling like I’m just talking into the abyss.1

Thursday is acting day. The actress in me is angry because she’s been neglected for three years. It’s time to start auditioning again, or even making my own movies.

Friday is activities day. I’m going to write a bunch of activities on a piece of paper and put them in a jar and pull them out to decide what I do Friday mornings. It will be all the stuff you always say you wanna do, but you don’t because it’s so much easier to watch TV. Stuff like read a book, paint a picture, write a short story, play with tarot cards, go outside and take photographs, things like that. It’s basically a fun wind-down for the week.

Will it last? WHO KNOWS! I’m notorious for starting things that I’m excited about and then not following through… but what I really want to do is allow myself to tweak this process, and hopefully, make it so that I’m more fulfilled creatively in all the outlets I’d like to pursue. I will let you know how it goes.

  1. Abyss…abyss…abyss…

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