Tired Today

I am wiped. We’ve been doing better about getting to bed, but still not as early as I would like. And it’s the end of the week and I’m just tireeeed. I feel as though, although I have balanced my activities a bit more, I’m still doing a lot. I just don’t know where to cut down. But I’m working on it.

Not much is happening today. The biggest thing impacting my life right now is the continuation of my stomach issues. Last night my heartburn was killing me, which sucks because I take meds for it every morning. I don’t get to go in for my follow up until the 14th and the waiting sucks. Will they know what’s wrong? Will they not and we have to do more tests? Will I ever know why my stomach is so angry? What is it safe to eat? Will I have to change my diet? Who knows.

I just have to get through 5 hours of work today, and then it’s the weekend! We have no plans tonight, other than a plan for Zach and I to spend some much needed quality time together. He’s been busy all week with work because the bigwigs came in from headquarters, and now we both need to relax! I’m looking forward to it and hoping that these good feelings, although I am a bit tired, last. So far it’s been four entire days without the sign of any episode or bad feelings and I’m like! Whoa! Yah! Thank you drugs!

Also, update on the auditioning: I have found and started to memorize a monologue. Step one! And I’m doing it!

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