Audition Day

Okay. I’m prepared.

I have everything ready to go in a folder, my monologue is memorized, and I read the show. Now, I just gotta go. I can’t wait til the audition IS OVER and I can just not think about it anymore. I’m hoping that if I keep auditioning it won’t be as nerve-wracking, just because I will have had recently done it.

Work was fine yesterday. We hired a new guy, he seems like he is up for the task. If we can get some kinks worked out, it might not be too bad. But, we shall see. We shall see.

I’ve been doing pretty well with my routine. Even after 8.5 hours of sleep, I never wanna get out of bed… but I did… and I went to the gym… and I exercised.

Best part is that I went to bed on time 😀 and woke up naturally at 7am! Woo hoo! The best part of my day structure is not needing an alarm clock. Hell. Yes.

Okay I have to go make my lunchy lunch and then it’s time for work and then… auditions 😐

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