Feeling Meh 1/10

Am I depressed? IDK. I just don’t feel like doing anything today… so yes, maybe ahaha.

Most of it is work related. Everything has gone to shit. I hope it will get better, but we have had so many upset customers and I don’t know how to fix the problems! Literally, I don’t know. I had someone say “you’re new here.” No… I have been here for two years. In the back.

Transition and change is hard. It’s making me sad to go to work. Which sucks. I really was starting to enjoy it, just because I knew what I was doing. Now, that things are changing and I DON’T it’s uncomfortable.

The good thing is my routine is sticking. Even though I kinda had a slow start this morning, I went for my walk around the lake. And I’m posting. AND when I was feeling low, I felt like I wanted to post! Which is awesome.

My audition last night went well, but it’s always hard to tell. They were laughing at my monologue, but there were a lot more people there than I anticipated. And of course, a lot of women. So, tons of competition. But, I DID IT AND I SURVIVED AND IT’S OVER. Hallelujah.

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