Depression: “Pros”

My therapist is always trying to get me to see the positive side of having depression.

So, here are some “Pros”1

  1. Better Artist – Let’s just get this out of the way right now. If you are thinking “oh, I can’t get help/meds/therapy because then I won’t be able to make my art” I THINK THAT IS BULLSHIT. Please, go get help. Because I have medication, I am much more motivated to make my art. What I’m trying to say here is, if you have depression, you’ve probably experienced a WIDE range of emotions. And getting in touch with that side can lead to better art. Depression also tends to make me more pensive and reflective, which is good for the art that I do.2 BUT, yeah, you should get help… make happy art.
  2. More self aware – Ohhhh self awareness. Therapy has done me good kid. And this blog. All of that has made me extremely conscious of my moods, and my routines, and all the things I do to make my life good and easy so I don’t have an episode. I’m able to reflect on what works and what doesn’t, and hopefully, make my life better in the long run.
  3. More compassionate – Apparently, I’m a better person because I have depression. GREAT. Because I have “been there,” I’m more willing to help someone when they are “there.” To listen, to talk, to give advice. Aw. Good for me.
  4. Deeper connections – Having depression, and talking about it, leads to deeper connections in my relationships. Why? Because SO MANY PEOPLE have mental health issues. It’s a way for us to be vulnerable, and bond, about something that we don’t talk about enough.3
  5. Making a difference – This might be a stretch, but I’d like to think that this blog makes a difference.4 That opening up about my struggle with mental health issues will encourage others to do the same. As well as encouraging people to get help, to get therapy, to get meds, whatever. If I knew that was true, that would be awesome.

Okay? So, there are at least 5 reasons why I can tell myself “it’s not too bad.” Now, if I could force myself to come back and read this when I’m in the midst of an episode, THAT would be impressive. I’m sure “depressed” Laura would have a lot to say about this list LOL. It could backfire. Okay. Maybe don’t do that. She’s a powerful beast.

  1. I say that snarkily, because, even with all this, I think it might be nice to NOT HAVE DEPRESSION.
  2. Especially blogging, heh.
  3. Are we friends yet?
  4. Although, the only person reading is Sam. HI SAM!

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