Calm Saturday

Okay so I didn’t get a callback.


It was such a poop feeling seeing that list and not seeing my name. That’s how acting is. And no matter how many times you do get cast, there’s always so much self doubt when you don’t get cast, again. Because it happens often.

Anyway, it soured my morning yesterday. I wasn’t feeling too great. I was dipping out of my plans… just to lay around. GRUMPY.


My routine kept me going. No, the day wasn’t “perfect” and didn’t go how I planned. I usually have an hour or so of free time, and I ate that up playing games on my phone. But I did lace up my sneakers and take my Friday morning walk. And that was good.

And I ended up having a nice day. So, the routines I’ve put in place are starting to lift me up even when I’m not feeling so great. I also went and lifted today so I did my entire workout routine this week! Hell yea! We also went with our friends Autumn and Tobias, so it was social time too. 😀 And tomorrow is REST DAY the best day of the week.

The best part of this weekend is now we have nooooooo plans. So, today, I’m gonna clean. And I’m so excited1

  1. Yes, I’m a freak.

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