Therapy Today Wooooo!

Well, I hope I can get to therapy today. Zach is looking for my insurance information, since I switched 10 days ago and they haven’t sent me my cards yet. So, hopefully we can find that or else… I can’t go. Boo.

Yesterday was a perfect example of WHY I NEED SLEEP. Omg. I was SO grumpy and angry and unmotivated. So, I posted that, and then I took a nap. And things got much better.

Overall, it was a good weekend. We did a lot of rearranging and got some new1 furniture, so our living room looks realllll nice now. Me and Zach are also now sharing our office, which is where I’m sitting right now typing this! Previously, my desk was in our bedroom and it just wasn’t a good space. I didn’t want to get messy in there because it was the bedroom! And the office has more than enough space for our two desks. It actually works pretty well because Zach is in the office most mornings, and home in the afternoon, and I’m home most mornings and working in the afternoon!

Okay, gotta go finish a couple more chores before the doctor!

  1. Adult!

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