Full day BOO 2/10

I am not in the mood.

The reason my routine works is… it’s all based on my part-time schedule. So, when my manager quits without notice and the new guy goes on vacation, I get annoyed. Because I have to go to work a lot more. And that is this week.

Also, our washer is leaking. Luckily it leaks into the drum but… dang it.

So, I didn’t get exercise today and haven’t done much for my blog, other than post. I also added a new spam plug-in so let me know how hard/easy it is to comment with it. The last one was so hard humans got locked out LOL.

I’m going to get myself a coffee today as a treat for going to work all day. I’m going to write something in advance for the blog while I’m at work.1 And I’m going to try to not be grumpy because it’s a dang slippery slope!

Good news is we got our wedding pictures in, and they are beautiful. If I go look at those maybe it will cheer me up!

  1. It’s a great place to brainstorm and think.

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