My Doctor Doesn’t Know What’s Wrong with Me

I’m feeling pretty good considering… my doctor has no idea what’s wrong with me, YAY!

Went for my follow up today, the pain in my side, literally, that has been bugging me for 2 years… there is no answer.

All my tests came back 100% normal, which would be great except it gives no clue as to what is wrong with me. The next step is continue with the meds I’m on and see if I can eventually wean off them, and also probably an elimination diet. Where you eat basically lettuce for a month and then add back in problematic foods to see if you get a reaction. It’s brutal. I won’t do it til after Christmas.

Went to the gym today but that was about it for what I could get done in my normal routine, due to having to work and going to my doctor’s appointment. Luckily, it’s Friday tomorrow and we have friends coming into town! Woohoo!

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