I’m Alive Again


I didn’t realize how sick I was until I stopped being sick. It was like this low-level, insidious, headachy/stomach crampy crap. Might have been the flu? Felt like a 6 day migraine. Awful.

But, I’m back! Yay! Because I was getting real depressed there for awhile. It’s difficult to keep yourself out of the hole when you’re sick for a long time, because you have a lot of time to think, you miss out on plans with your friends, and it’s hard to do stuff like exercise and eat well when you’re so tired you can barely move. I’m trying not to push myself, but I did go for a long walk today around the lake.

Yesterday, was a really good day. The kind of day you love. Amber came over and we went to breakfast, then a bunch of friends came over and we did some coloring and some art. Went to the library and got a bunch of books. Came home and filmed a video for Zach’s new YouTube channel. And watched Harry Potter!

The biggest shift right now in my life is with my electronics. I’ve severely limited my social media use, and my internet surfing abilities, and my phone use, thanks to three lovely apps. I will write a post about them soon, so I can tell you all about them!

I have also deleted my Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’m working on Facebook right now, going through it and deleting all the old stuff from yeaaaaars ago. I only have 55 friends right now. I think I will end up leaving my Facebook up, but without a timeline (I have an app for that) and with no data from anything other than the last year or so. Yes, I am going to go through and delete all the info from the last 10 years. God help me.

As for my health, I am eating an easy to digest diet right now, and will be getting tested for food allergies next week. I also may be getting a second opinion from another GI. Restricting my diet will hopefully be the answer, but I’m scared. I feel like it’s going to be VERY hard. Luckily, Zach is also on a pretty strict diet for his workouts and bodybuilding, so we will be in it together. It’s hard to eat well! It’s not even about paying for the food, for me it’s about the time it takes to prepare and all the planning to make sure you aren’t hungry and that you always have time to make your meals.

Speaking of, I have to go make lunch before work. Byeeeee.

2 thoughts on “I’m Alive Again

    1. Pretty restrictive. I will probably end up doing an elimination diet similar to Whole30, but right now I’m eating only easy to digest foods – within the healthy range, of course. Mostly focusing on things that aren’t going to be hard on my system, and no added sugar or preservatives or anything. It’s fairly basic, but we’re hoping it will calm whatever is so angry in my intestines LOL.

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