Cell Phone Free

So, I’ve drastically reduced my ability to use my phone and laptop in the past week and today it really started to show.

I woke up and read a book, then wrote, then painted. Went to work, and didn’t even turn my phone on until halfway through my shift. Now, I was aware that I wasn’t on it, but the feeling of peace I had this morning was so wonderful! When I came home, I opened my laptop and worked on some writing. I’m thinking about have no electronics mornings, since they are so wonderful. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll just go where the wind blows me.

I’m still a little tired and achy. I slept in late today, even though I went to bed earlier last night. I’m trying to take it easy WHICH IS HARD for me because I want to go lift weights and exercise. My hike yesterday was nice, but I need to ease back in, because I’m still so tired from whatever knocked me down.

Mentally though, I feel good today. It’s nice to have these days after a week of sickness and BAD mean thoughts.

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