Finally, Some Answers

I went and got tested for food allergies today… and finally… some answers!!!!!!!

I’m not allergic to anything. True allergies are when you get sick instantly.

But. I have some intolerances. Bananas and oat didn’t surprise me, I’ve cut those out already.

But the things that were surprising? Mild reactions to onion and garlic. Reaction to peanuts. And the biggest reaction and biggest surprise was the one truly itchy spot on my arm: BROCCOLI.

Also, beef.

Milk, soy, and strawberries though? 100% no problem.

Now, for a long time I was able to eat almost all of these foods with no problem. But as I’ve been dealing with stomach pain, anything can set me off. And getting to know what foods my body doesn’t handle well, especially ones that were normally part of my daily diet1 is a HUGE step forward. And knowing that broccoli is a problem can lead us to investigate other things. Like a histamine intolerance.

So exciting! The first results that have some sort of answer to my problem. Thank goodness. This will help immensely with when I start an elimination diet, as some of these foods would have been considered “safe.” Good to know.

All in all, it makes for a very good day for me, and I’m going to ride this high as long as it will go.

  1. Broccoli :(

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