Snow Day!

So, we got a snow day.


That was awesome because although mentally I’m still feeling pretty good1 physically, I was tired. And after breakfast I went back to bed for like… 2 hours. Dang.

Now that I’m well rested, I made a little 5 hour work day plan, starting with working on this blog. I’m really excited for myself that I have kind of got into a flow, and even with a snow day I am sticking to my daily habits. Wednesday is work on the blog day, so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ve also learned not to try and do too much, because then I’m rushing or feel bummed when I don’t accomplish my whole to-do list.

I try not to make to-do lists in general anymore. Instead, I use sticky notes to write down ideas and things I want to work on, and put them on the wall above my desk. This gets the ideas out of my brain, and also complies them all in one place, where I don’t see them unless I’m working. Because I’m not in the office to do anything but get some work done. It’s been a good compromise for me to do it this way, because I find that if I don’t write an idea down I either lose it, or I keep thinking about it over and over again.

I created a to-do list today because I have a lot of free time. When I have to work, I know that my time is limited and I’m usually fairly productive. My mornings have now become reading a book while I eat breakfast, working for a bit on projects, and exercise. I love that. But, like most people, I can fall into procrastination if I have a lot of time, like I do today. So, I wrote down the things I wanted to accomplish and how much time I needed. That put it into perspective. I am ready to get started on those things and realistically I should have enough time to get it all done.

Granted, I did get distracted by the email from YouTube telling me they are demonetizing my channel because I don’t meet the requirements under their new rules 🙃 Greaaaaaaat. I’m not going to comment any further than that because I haven’t wrapped my mind around all this or decided what I’m going to do with this information.

Anyway, hope y’all are good, it’s snowing here, I’m wearing a onesie, this was a long post, wowza.

  1. Hell ya!

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