Aftermath 1/10

And just like that, it’s the next day.

It wasn’t easy. Even telling Zach how I was feeling didn’t help, I spent most of the day sleeping and reading and hating myself.

Luckily, my episodes have become shorter and shorter, and the next day, I’m fairly good to go. Just have to clean up the mess that I made, literally, and try not to think about the things I thought yesterday, or the weird dreams I had, or all the time that got flushed away while I was incapacitated.

Eventually, this episode will fade and I should go back to “normal.” Then, hopefully, I can come back and learn something from it. But right now, I’m too close to it, to close to feeling guilty or ashamed, so I try not to think about it.

If I clean up, shower, and go to work, usually that will put enough life between me and my day yesterday to push me into feeling okay again.

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