Where Have I Been?! 0/10

OMG! I bet you’re like, hEY LAURA WHERE YOU AT GIRL?

Yah, I know, but I been busy yo. Real busy. Work has been slammed, we got a new manager, AGAIN. I started my next book… two pages in as of right now, about to write the third. And… I GOT CAST WOO!

I started auditioning for film roles in the area and it has been going really, really well. I should have known. I’ve never had a lot of success onstage, but damn, they love me in front of a camera.

It’s called “Fear to be Brave” a post-apocalyptic indie movie set in the Raleigh-Durham area. No pay, nothing fancy, but I’m on camera again and I’m so pumped. I also happen to be in the murderous faction with the bad guys, and am the main villain’s sidekick and get to learn fight choreography and beat the crap out of people onscreen, so, yeah, it’s going to be REAL fun.

That means my schedule is crammed. I work half the day and audition/film half the day. Oh man.

I also am working on my first book review for Run Spot Run, where I will be publishing monthly, and I’m so excited about that! A great way for me to get my name out there, and build a platform with my writing.

I was worried that I need to take down the site. I don’t know how people are going to react if they are trying to cast me and see it. That sucks. There’s still a stigma, and that makes me want to hide what I’m talking about. Man.

Will I be here posting often? Probably not this month. Taking the break was really nice, and not having to think about the blog expanded room for other projects to start. My depression was rough a couple weeks ago. It’s always the same, coming and going in a cycle. There is a chance I need to change/up my medicine. I may be adjusting to it, so it’s not working as well… we’ll see.

This was a lot of rambling, but I’m pretty tired and have been doing a lot today. Hopefully I can post again with updates on the film.

I’m always hoping that I never have another episode again, but that’s an unrealistic dream.