Mental Health Insurance RANT

Isn’t it crazy that there are so little services offered for people with mental health issues. Maybe you have different insurance than I do, but I have had to JUMP through hoops to figure out what is covered by our insurance (I’ll give you a hint: nothing).

As if it isn’t hard enough to deal with a mental health illness. Our “main” insurance said my therapist was covered. Go to therapy and come to find out that our “main” insurance doesn’t actually cover any mental health at all, and it’s outsourced to our “secondary” insurance. Worst part is, my therapist is out of network with them. Heavy eye roll. They ONLY reason we picked this plan is because they said he was covered. I could dump all my other doctors. Therapy is the most important. Go figure.

Luckily, we are able to afford my sessions, as I only go 4-6 times a year. But what if we couldn’t? I’d have to find a new therapist, right?

Jokes on you, they don’t cover that either!

Zach was like, “oh yeah they have a mental health illness program where you can get 8 visits a year” so I looked into that.

That program ONLY covers short term care, and ONLY for “new” issues. So, I couldn’t use it for my depression since I’m already getting treated for that. And even if I could, it would only cover a short program.

They offer full, free coverage, for people who need a little bit of help, and NO coverage for people with ongoing mental health issues? Um, hello?! Doesn’t that seem a bit effin’ backward?

And the most stressful part is that they tout these programs and coverage like you’ll be all set, and then when you sign up and go to use it, you have to call 400 people to find out that the fine print says you actually aren’t covered in any way that you thought you were. ;LMEA;LKRJAWERKJ;ELRKAJWERL;KJ

If we hit our deductible? We still pay out of pocket. Cue another eye roll.

Mental health illness has been in the news a lot lately… a LOT. What with tragedies that are happening, people are focusing on why tragedies happen. Yet we don’t amend gun control laws, and we don’t make it easy for mentally unstable people to get help?!?! HELLO?!

Health insurance is not a simple thing. Do I believe the legislation needs to be fixed so it’s better? Yes. Do I believe insurance companies suck a big donkey dick? Even more so yes. Do I want there to be universal health care for everyone? HELL yes.

Should we get into a long drawn out political and economical fight about taxes and healthcare? Probably not. Is this a cherry picked article to prove my point? Definitely. Correlation and causation and all that… Would I happily pay higher taxes to make our country and overall better place to live (universal health care, maternity/paternity leave, paid vacations omg!)? You bet I would. But this isn’t about that.

This is about… why is it so hard for people who’s brains attack them to get help? Why. I believe, partly, because there is still such a huge stigma. People don’t really think that mental health is a “thing.” They think I can just “think happier thoughts.” No one talks about it. Too hush hush. We suffer in silence, and we suffer because help is expensive.

And it’s bullshit.